Looking for a lammergeier? Rare bearded vulture spotted in Wales

One of the world's most stunning birds - the lammergeier - has been seen soaring over the Severn Estuary.

The bird, also known as a bearded vulture, is typically found in mountainous areas in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The bird was seen at Sudbrook in Gwent on May 12, and a few days later over Dartmoor.

If the sightings are confirmed as a wild bird, it will be the first time one has ever been seen in the UK.

Watch the lammergeier in flight near the Severn Estuary. Video courtesy of Dale Kedward.

The Gwent Birding website recorded the sighting.

Josh Jones, from Bird Guides, said the signs indicated that the sighting was of a wild bird, possibly offspring from bearded vultures living in the Alps.

The lammergeier takes to the skies Credit: Dale Kedward

Dale Kedward, from Caldicot, was the man who spotted the lammergeier while walking his dog.

He described it as an "amazing" sight.

The lammergeier feeds on dead animals and bones, and has a huge wingspan of up to 2.8m (9.2ft).