UKIP's Neil Hamilton causes a storm with 'Carwyn's hareem' accusation

Ukip's Welsh Assembly leader Neil Hamilton has caused outrage on just his second Senedd session after branding two female politicians "concubines".

Former Conservative MP Mr Hamilton made the remarks to the Liberal Democrats' Kirsty Williams and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood moments after the deadlock over Carwyn Jones' re-appointment as First Minister was broken.

Last week Ms Williams had backed Mr Jones' nomination for the post, while on Wednesday Plaid withdrew Ms Wood's name as a rival candidate.

Watch: Neil Hamilton's controversial maiden speech at the Senedd

Mr Hamilton sparked uproar after claiming both politicians had "betrayed the interests" of voters, before adding: "I'm afraid these two ladies have made themselves political concubines in Carwyn's hareem. What a gruesome concept that will be."

The remarks prompted criticism of the one-time reality TV star, with Ms Williams expressing shock at "his blatant sexist language".

Leanne Wood said: "There's no place for sexism in our National Assembly. Not prepared to accept racism or homophobia either. Be warned."

After the remarks spread on social media the First Minister's wife Tweeted herself to say she wanted to know more about "Carwyn's Hareem".

Despite the controversy over his Senedd debut, he insisted Ukip did not intend to be a disruptive influence in the Assembly.

He added: "Ukip is, of course, a monarchist party, but we did oppose the coronation of king Carwyn because we thought a vote should take place."