Scientists have found an ancient Welsh recipe could help fight food poisoning...

A 16th century Welsh drink has been found to contain antibacterial properties that could help fight food poisoning.

Scientists at Cardiff University hope to create a "super mead" using a mixture of herbs that can tackle salmonella.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

The scientists have been trying to work out how to make a so-called 'super honey'.

They've found with a mix of herbs that together can fight bacteria like salmonella.

Mead is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey with water

They hope combining Welsh history with science being done in Wales could lead to new and effective drugs.

The formula is secret

The scientists say the formula could be added to a mead, gin, tea or other non-alcoholic drink.

The exact recipe is a secret, but the team hope it's not long before it's more widely available...