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Could this old railway line be turned into the UK's first velorail?

A scheme to reopen a disused train line in Carmarthenshire has been given a funding boost.

Enthusiasts want to develop the Gwendraeth Valley line as a heritage railway attraction for tourists.

But the first carriages to use it will be pedal powered - in the UK's first ever 'velorail' system.

Watch the report from Kevin Ashford below:

It's a small trolley cycling platform with two pedalling positions on it, and then a bench seat where family members or friendly can sit at the back.

– Stuart Thomas. Project manager

The idea is to create a tourist attraction that will generate money towards the bigger Gwendraeth Valley project.

An example of a velorail carriage

The line was originally used to move coal from the mid 1800s and was built alongside a canal.

This is the old railway line the team want to use

Velorails are all about health and activity and family fun, and that'll enable us to start the line off and get things moving.

Eventually, it'll be a heritage railway. Hopefully within three years we'll have trains running along it.

– Jon Hobden, Gwendraeth Valley Railway Society

The project already has sidings earmarked for use at Kidwelly rwailway station with plans for a visitor centre to be built

A reopened line would also up public access to Wales' oldest railway bridge.

The old railway bridge

It's an ambitious tourism project that'll be given its biggest push thanks to a bit of pedal power...