Paralysed man walks for first time in three years with help of bionic exoskeleton

Abdul, a 23-year-old from Cardiff was injured in a car accident three years ago. He was paralysed from his neck down, and has relied on a power wheelchair ever since.

Today was the first time Adbul has stood upright and walked in three years.

Watch James Crichton-Smith's report:

The state of the art equipment was demonstrated at a specialist neuro physiotherapy clinic in Newport.

Originally designed in the US to help soldiers carry more kit, the bionic suit enables those with lower extremity weakness or paralysis to stand and walk.

The suit consists of a backpack and two leg sections that go down the outside of each leg and strap at the thigh, with a battery pack powering the legs.

Thanks to gyroscopes and motors, the incredible suit is able to stand upright completely on its own.