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Neil Hamilton: Leave result 'an historic day for Wales'

Neil Hamilton said Wales had 'played its full part' in the Leave result. Credit: Wire/Press Association Images

UKIP's leader in the Welsh Assembly has called the Leave result "an historic day for Wales and democracy".

Neil Hamilton said Wales had "played its full part" in the victory, with all but five of the 22 local authority areas here voting to leave.

Here is his statement in full:

This is an historic day for Wales and democracy.

A decisive majority of Welsh people rejected the outrageous campaign of scaremongering and brow-beating by the political and big business elites. David Cameron presided over this and, having failed, he had to resign. George Osborne should now follow him without delay.

Wales played its full part in this victory.

Consequently, UKIP demands that the Conservative Government guarantees us our fair share of the Brexit dividend. The Welsh Government must be given every penny of British taxpayers' money which the EU currently spends in Wales.

We demand our fair share of the £10 billion of our money which Brussels spends outside Britain every year - that would be at least £500 million a year extra for Welsh projects, including the NHS.

We must also take back control of our trade policy as soon as possible and slap effective tariffs on dumped Chinese steel to help save Port Talbot.

The future is bright. All political parties must work together to make the most of our new freedoms.

– Neil Hamilton

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