Pregnant women experience 'body image dissatisfaction' after using Facebook

Pregnant women who experience "body image dissatisfaction" after using Facebook are eating less food and trying not to put weight on, according to a new study.

[**Research by Swansea University**]( found that high use of the social media site Facebook can have a negative impact on pregnant women’s body image.

Credit: PA
  • Researchers explored 269 pregnant womens’ use of Facebook and their body image satisfaction in pregnancy

  • It found that the more women used Facebook, the higher their body image dissatisfaction

  • For nearly two thirds this was a direct effect of using the social media site

  • They reported that comparing their pregnant body and weight gain to other pregnant mums and celebrities on Facebook made them feel dissatisfied with how they looked

Credit: PA

Over half had concerns about what their body looked like during pregnancy, how much weight they were putting on and what their body would look like after having their baby.

Less than one third ‘loved’ how they looked during pregnancy and less than 40% felt confident about their pregnant body.

Around two thirds were worried about their changing shape and felt they were gaining too much weight.

And 40% had been upset by other people’s negative comments about their body.’

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