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Woman, 83, hands over £3000 to fake tax officers who threatened to send her to prison

An 83-year-old woman from Abergavenny was told she'd go to prison if she didn't pay her taxes in a cold hearted phone scan.

An elderly woman was threatened with prison by cold-hearted con artists Credit: ITV News

Gwent police say the pensioner was told she would go to prison "for years" because she hadn't paid her taxes. Believing she was talking to officers from HMRC tax office, the woman handed over £3000 in vouchers.

Police say the woman was left "distressed and upset" and is now being supported by their officers. They have heard similar reports about other residents receiving threatening phone calls of this nature.

We are keen to remind residents that they should not give out personal or financial information to anyone that they do not completely trust, and that anyone in any doubt at all should seek professional advice before parting with any money.

Issues of this nature can be reported to Gwent Police by calling 101 or by contacting your local council’s trading standards department or report it to Action Fraud on 03001232040.

– Gwent Police