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AMs 'should be allowed to pledge allegiance to Welsh people rather than Queen'

MPs have been told Assembly members in Wales should be allowed to pledge their allegiance to the Welsh people rather than the Queen.

Labour former minister Kevin Brennan presented a petition in the Commons on behalf of those calling for a law change to give new AMs the choice.

They believe Welsh politicians should be given a similar option to their counterparts in the Northern Ireland assembly, who are allowed to take a pledge of office. MPs and peers in Westminster must take an oath of allegiance to the Crown before they are allowed to take their seats in Parliament after they are elected.

The call came in a petition introduced by the Cardiff West MP.

(The petition) declares there should be an option for new Welsh Assembly members to swear an oath or make an affirmation to the people of Wales instead of to a monarch or a crown.

Further, there should still be an option for new Welsh Assembly members to swear an oath or to make an affirmation to a monarch if they so wished.

Further, this would provide fairer choice for newly-elected representatives which would be a better reflection of the broad scope of view in society.

Further, that there's no requirement for members of the Northern Ireland Assembly to take any oath or affirmation but instead requires that members take a pledge of office.

Further, that this proposed similar choice for Wales is important for Welsh political plurality and fairness.

– Kevin Brennan MP, Labour, Cardiff West

Mr Brennan said the petition also notes another online campaign has received more than 1,000 signatures.