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Wales' construction industry slows since EU Referendum

Private commercial and housing sectors saw the most significant slowdown Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA

Growth in the Welsh construction sector slowed it's growth in the second quarter of this year according to recent figures.

Research by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors show skills shortages remain a problem with quantity surveyors in particular in short supply with 51% of respondents citing difficulties.

Although there was a slow rise in workloads compared to the last quarter, the most pronounced slowdowns was seen in the private commercial and private housing sectors. Some say the latest results from the RICS survey were not surprising given the build-up to the EU referendum, but there is still a need for increased housing supply and improved infrastructure for the future.

Government in Wales must maintain its focus on these key sectors, as well as working to attract inward investment.

Delivering major infrastructure schemes, such as the Swansea Tidal Lagoon, M4 Relief Road, and South Wales Metro is of the utmost economic importance to Wales, and we welcome the Government’s recent commitment to give clear signals to the market on the pipeline of infrastructure projects. Clarity and certainty will be central to boosting business and economic confidence.

– Neil Brierley, RICS Construction Spokesman for Wales

The market survey showed 12% of respondents reporting workloads rising compared to 32% in the previous quarter.