Think tank publishes new post-Brexit agenda for Wales

Independent think tank the Bevan Foundation has set out an agenda for politicians, businesses, community and faith leaders in Wales to follow - in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.

The independent charity, whose slogan is 'Ideas that change Wales', says the agenda will help minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

It highlights five key areas where it says Wales' leaders need to find a way forward.

They include:

  • Economy: A focus on exports to non-Eu countries, local businesses and help for vulnerable sectors like agriculture and the motoring inudstry.

  • Jobs: Make decent work and full employment across Wales a priority.

  • Environment: Set high standards based on scientific evidence.

  • Public Finances: A fair funding formula, increased finance powers and compensation for the loss of EU funds.

  • Democracy and society: No discrimination, new forms of democracy and a new constitutional settlement, to ensure Wales' voice is heard.

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