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Sonia Davies said she thought she was a on 'winning streak' after her tumour surgery in Florida

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The latest family to become Euro millionaires bought the ticket believing Lady Luck was shining on them after having successful surgery to remove a tumour.

Sonia Davies, 53, was in Florida with partner Keith Reynolds, when they read about the rollover jackpot and rang her daughter Stephanie begging her to buy a ticket. Sonia was diagnosed with a tumour on her parathyroid gland in her throat earlier this year and underwent keyhole surgery while on holiday in America.

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I had my operation on Wednesday and until then, we didn’t know how serious it was. They told me that if it hadn’t been removed it would have been fatal – and at the very least I would have lost my voice within a year. They managed to give me the all clear straight after the operation, so as you would imagine, we were on cloud nine.

Excited we were about to return home to celebrate our brilliant news, Keith was scanning his emails and read about the EuroMillions rollover. He was convinced that we were the luckiest people on the planet.

– Sonia Davies

Daughter Stephanie and her partner Steve Powell bought six lucky dips from her local garage in Monmouth on Friday night, but didn't realise they'd won until the Sunday morning. She then rang her mum who was waiting at the airport to come home.

I was worried there was a problem. All I could hear was Steph sobbing down the phone and the odd muffled word. I thought she’d told me she’d lost her dog. Then I heard Steve shouting ‘we’ve won £61m’!

– Sonia Davies

The five winners - Sonia and partner Keith, who live in Ross on Wye, Stephanie and boyfriend Steve and Courtney, Sonia's youngest daughter -will get £12,220,488.58 each. And they've already started thinking of what to spend the money on.

Stephanie and Steve recently bought a house so want to finish the bathroom they've been waiting to do for eight months, then a trip to the Caribbean is on the cards. For Sonia she wants a new oak carport for her house and says she's looking forward to sharing her winnings with family and friends. And Courtney wants an electric toothbrush and a new car.

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