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Family wins £61m after sensing a 'lucky streak' after tumour surgery

Plenty to celebrate: the family mark their EuroMillions win Credit: PA

A family from Wales have scooped £61 million in the EuroMillons after buying a last-minute ticket to celebrate the mother having a tumour removed.

Sonia Davies, 53, begged her daughter Stephanie to buy a ticket just 40 minutes before the draw closed because she sensed she was on a winning streak after getting the all-clear following a thyroid tumour operation.

"I just felt like the luckiest person in the world," the mother said.

"When we got the email saying it’s a rollover we thought, well, we're on such a roll."

She is now sharing the life-changing jackpot with four members of her family.

Mrs Davies will split the cash with her partner Keith Reynolds, 55, her daughters, Stephanie, 23 and Courtney, 19, and also Stephanie's partner Steve Powell, 30.

Stephanie Davies get emotional as she recalls their win. Credit: PA

Ms Davies senior said she was already celebrating on the night of the draw after undergoing a successful operation to remove a potentially fatal thyroid tumour at a hospital in Florida.

She told journalists that the family had only realised how serious her condition was until doctors told her afterwards that the tumour could have stolen her voice within a year and eventually killed her.

They managed to give me the all clear straight after the operation, so as you would imagine, we were on cloud nine.

Excited we were about to return home to celebrate our brilliant news, Keith was scanning his emails and read about the EuroMillions rollover. He was convinced that we were the luckiest people on the planet.

– Sonia Davies

Sensing that fate was on her side, she contacted her sales executive daughter via FaceTime and begged her to get a last-minute ticket.

Stephanie agreed – despite telling reporters "I don't usually buy lottery tickets".

And they were rewarded - winning £61,102,442.90 after matching five main numbers and two lucky stars.

It was only the next day that she realised one of her six lucky dip tickets had won and contacted her mother to break the happy news.

Sonia Davies (second left) with her family Credit: PA

"I was worried there was a problem," recalled Ms Davies senior.

"All I could hear was Steph sobbing down the phone and the odd muffled word. I thought she’d told me she’d lost her dog."

"Then I heard Steve shouting ‘we’ve won £61m’!"

The winning numbers were 01, 21, 26, 40 and 50, while the lucky star numbers were 02 and 04.

It works out to £12,220,488.58 for each member of the family - and they've already started thinking about how to spend it.

Stephanie and Steve say they're looking forward to finally upgrading their bathroom while Sonia is looking forward to a new carport and celebrations with family and friends.

Meanwhile Courtney has said she will settle for an electric toothbrush and a new car for now.

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