Public e-cigg ban 'well worth exploring' says Wales's top doctor

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Remember the e-cigarette debate? You know, the one that caused so much controversy? Wish it could be debated more?

If the answer is 'yes' then what follows will be of interest...

There is the potential for the e-cigarettes debate to rear its head yet again.


Dr Frank Atherton believes the challenges the public have faced during Covid across the four nations have been similar. Credit: ITV Wales

Well, Wales has a new Chief Medical Officer. His name is Dr Frank Atherton. He's Wales's new top doctor and will advise the Welsh Government on what it needs to do with all things health, to improve patient outcomes.

I spoke to Dr Atherton earlier today. While we covered the main health topics affecting Wales, he suggested that e-cigarettes should be banned in public places.

This is significant because it's one of the biggest reasons that prevented the Public Health Bill from being passed by AMs in the last Assembly.

You can watch the clip below.

So, what next?

Probably a lot of debate. It all comes down to politics now, and finding the right support from across the Senedd chamber to back such an e-cigarette use ban.

The first Minister, Carwyn Jones had already said that e-cigg ban proposals would not make it into the Bill next time around.

It's early days for the fifth Assembly and the Public Health Wales Bill has been sent back to the drawing board, so at this stage, exactly what measures could be put in place and how e-cigarettes will be controlled in Wales is still unclear.

Watch this space...

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Watch an extended interview with the Chief Medical Officer, below.