Calls for support to tackle 'huge' truck driver shortage in Wales

There have been calls for Government to do more to tackle the HGV driver shortage. Credit: PA

The road haulage industry says it's facing a crisis in Wales, with a shortage of people who want to become HGV drivers.

Most drivers these days are men over the age of 45 because the Industry is failing to attract young people and women at entry level. Lynn Courtney reports.

The Freight Transport Association has highlighted a shortfall of over 45,000 HGV drivers and has called on the Government to support the industry in solving the issue.

The problem has been recognised in the Skills and workforce planning in the road haulage sector, published by the Transport Select Committee, which found that 91% of companies surveyed reported difficulties in recruiting drivers.

In the report MP's have warned that current thinking is not sufficiently targeted to deliver drivers fast enough to address the huge shortage of truck drivers.

According to the FTA Logistics Report 2016, most employees are men who are over 45 and are nearing retirement.

It concludes that the industry is struggling to attract young blood - and even if people are interested in pursuing it as a career, the training can cost up to £4,000.

The Welsh Government says it has brought through measures in recent months to help deal with the shortage of HGV drivers.