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Ash Dykes contracted the deadliest strain of malaria while trekking the length of Madagascar

Credit: ITV Wales

Ash Dykes has made a name for himself as an adventurer, but his latest trip almost cost him his life.

In February this year, the 25 year old from Colwyn Bay became the first person to walk the length of Madagascar - 1,600 miles through jungle and mountains. During the trip, he contracted the deadliest form of malaria and, at one point, was described as being within days of death.

The doctor believed i was within a few hours from slipping into a coma. It was the deadliest strain that I caught but I was lucky as the treatment cleared it completely from my body.

From being strong and able, to not being able to pick up a glass of water. I was really out of it.

– Ash Dykes

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After recovering, Ash was invited to become an ambassador for the charity Malaria No More. The charity says malaria is the greatest killer in human history, with about half of the world's population at risk. Ash says he's lucky to be alive and determined to do his bit to eradicate malaria.

Ash became the first person to walk the length of Madagascar in February this year. Credit: Paul Woosey