Call for health warnings on alcohol products

There are calls for mandatory warnings about the dangers of alcohol, similar to those seen on cigarette packets, to be published on wine bottles and beer cans.

It comes as official guidance was published warning that no level of regular drinking could be considered as "completely safe".

The new guidance, published by the UK's chief medical officers cuts the maximum recommended number of units men can consume in a week from 21 down to 14 - that's just over five pints of lager or four large glasses of wine.

The recommended number of units for women is 14.

The guidance also suggests drinkers should have several booze-free days a week to reduce their intake, and recommends the safest approach for pregnant women is not to drink alcohol at all.

Credit: PA Archive

The guidance does not include a maximum recommended cap for a single session, but recommends limiting the amount consumed on a night out.

It also suggests people should drink more slowly, eat some food with their drinks and alternate between alcohol and glasses of water.

The guidance also says that any benefits of drinking small amounts of alcohol are "less than previously thought" and are only significant for women aged over 55.