Year of Adventure: Walking the Wales Coast Path

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The Wales Coast Path stretches some 870 miles from Chepstow in the South to Queensferry in the North, and discovering even just a small stretch of this coastline can be a great adventure.

I met walker Will Renwick at Cwmtydu in Ceredigion, for a five and half mile walk south to Llangrannog.

Nicola ventured along the path with Will Renwick. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Will was the youngest person to walk the entire perimeter of Wales; setting out from his home in the Vale of Glamorgan, it took him 63 days to trek around the country.

He camped on route and carried few supplies, and is convinced that walking is one of the best adventures you can have.

Our route took us through some incredible scenery, and once we arrived at our destination we set up a wild camp.

Wild camping the Ceredigion coast path Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Wild camping is becoming increasingly popular and happens outside of an official campsite.

In Wales you must have permission from whoever owns the land, and follow a few simple rules... but to walk all day and camp all night creates a very real sense of adventure.

You can watch Nicola's adventure here: