New roadside test sees 135 drug-drivers disqualified

Police in Gwent say they have disqualified 135 drivers in the past year, for getting behind the wheel whilst on drugs.

It's thanks to a new roadside test which was introduced in May 2015.

The 'DrugWipe' uses a saliva sample to test for drugs like Cannabis and Cocaine.

It can reveal results within 8 minutes, and if positive, drivers will be taken to a police station for further tests.

Officers say the test will help bring more criminals to justice.

The new 'DrugWipe' test uses a saliva sample to test for drugs Credit: Gwent Police

Drivers convicted of drug driving could face:

  • A minimum 1 year ban

  • An unlimited fine

  • Up to 6 months in prison

  • A criminal record

  • An increase in car insurance

  • A record on your licence

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