Traffic congestion could be 'starving jobs' warns CBI Wales

The Confederation of British Industry in Wales is warning that traffic congestion in towns and cities could be 'starving jobs'.

It comes as ITV Cymru Wales reveals some of the busiest roads across the nation.

Speaking on our current affairs programme, Wales This Week, some commuters say they can spent around five hours a week in traffic, amounting to nearly five days a year.

Questions have now been raised as to why there are so many problems despite investment from the Welsh Government.

There has been a tendency to focus on big projects that have linked Wales to England rather than developing transport inside Wales.

Stephen Joseph, Campaign for Better Transport
Some commuters say they spend 5 hours a week in traffic. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Today, the use of cars makes up 79% of all traffic on roads.

The top five most congested roads in Wales are:

  • M4 South Wales

  • A465 Heads of the Valleys

  • A470 North to South

  • A55 North Wales

  • A40 West Wales

Wales is a place to do business but actually we can find we can disadvantage ourselves if we're not fully connected to the single market to the global market. It's actually quite easy to see when a factory closes, but it's much more difficult to see when a business doesn't open up or when it doesn't expand at the rate that it should be doing.

Chris Sutton, CBI Wales
The Welsh Government is working on a new metro system in South Wales. Credit: Welsh Goverment

The Welsh Government say it is working to make sure all communities in Wales are connected and that everyone has access to a quick and reliable transport network.

It's also working on long-term improvements from the third Menai crossing in the North to a new Metro system in the South.

What we want to create in Wales is a united and connected country. We want to make sure that everybody no matter where you live in Wales has an opportunity to access a transport network that is quick and reliable. We invest something in the region of £25 million pounds a year through local authorities in bus services that couldn't operate on a commercial basis. These are basically the life line to many communities. I want to make sure that every pound we spend on those bus services is being delivered for the benefit of the passenger.

Ken Skates AM, Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure

You can see more on 'Gridlock Wales' tonight on Wales This Week on ITV Cymru Wales at 8pm.