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New plan aims to tackle substance misuse in Wales

Photo: Chris Young/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Welsh Government has announced a new plan aimed at tackling substance misuse.

The three-year Substance Misuse Delivery Plan means there will be more training for health professionals dealing with new psychoactive substances and surveillance work to understand the scale and nature of performance enhancing drug use.

The plan also includes:

  • Work to reduce blood-borne virus transmission amongst people with substance misuse problems
  • Communications work to ensure more older people understand the health risks of substance misuse
  • Increased collaboration between services so that people living with both mental health and substance misuse problems receive co-ordinated and effective support
The plans will include more training for health professionals dealing with new psychoactive substances - formerly known as legal highs. Credit: ITV

Substance misuse causes real harm to individuals, families and communities across Wales and tackling its devastating impact requires health, criminal justice, education, local government and partner organisations to work together.

Every year we invest almost £50m in tackling substance misuse. We ran an extensive consultation exercise last year to ensure our latest delivery plan would make the most effective use of this money and we have taken on board the suggestions that came out of the process, including actions to ensure that services are accessible to everyone who might need to use them.

Our new plan also includes recommendations from the previous Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiries into substance misuse and new psychoactive substances.

We want to ensure everyone can access the support and information that they need, to reduce the harm caused to individuals, their families and communities across Wales. This plan goes a long way in helping us achieve this.