'In Focus': The Face down restraint branded 'inhumane'

Face down restraint is being used against adult mental health patients in Wales, despite government advice to the contrary.

Figures given exclusively to In Focus show that the controversial method of controlling patients has been used more than 800 times across Wales since April 2012.

In 2005, however, the Welsh Government published guidance in which it said: "under no circumstances should any individual be ever be restrained in a face down position."

It's prompted mental health campaigners to call for an outright ban on the practise, which has been described as life threatening.

Watch James Crichton-Smith's exclusive report below.

'Helen' has first hand experience of what it is like to be restrained, face down.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the early 90s and it was during a manic episode that she was restrained.

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