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Pub-loving parrot climbed Pen-y-Fan

A pet-lover takes his parrot with him everywhere he goes - even to the top of a giant mountain.

Shaun Bundy, 25, loves taking three-year-old Ralph on day-trips, to the pub and to football matches.

Credit: Shaun Bundy

But Ralph's highest perch so far is to climb to the top of the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons mountain range in Wales on Shaun's shoulder.

Shaun, of Treorchy, Rhondda, South Wales, reckons Ralph is the first parrot ever to make the 886m high peak of Pen-y-fan.

Credit: Shaun Bundy

Ralph is probably the first parrot to ever climb to the top.

Everyone loved it and loads of people stopped to take pictures with him and say hello.

One little kid even said to his father: 'Look dad it's parrot man', like I was some sort of superhero, which was really funny.

Even the regular walkers were surprised and said they'd never seen a parrot up there before.

It was quite an eventful trek though, because when we got to the top a hawk was circling around us and landed around 40ft away.

I take him everywhere with me - to the pub, to watch the football and just out and about in general.

He loves it and speaks to everyone.

– Shaun Bundy, parrot owner

Watch and listen to Ralph here:

I've had him since he was hatched, so he's been around people his whole life and he's picked up a lot of words from us.

He's definitely got a valleys accent. He's really Welshy, although he doesn't swear - I don't know how though.

Everyone he meets he asks them: 'Alright butt?'

When we reached the bottom Ralph had a custard cream so he was happy.

Next up is Kilimanjaro.

– Shaun Bundy, parrot owner