Alex Jones: I feared I'd left it too late to have a baby

Alex Jones Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Welsh TV presenter Alex Jones has told how she feared she had left it too late to have a baby after learning her own mother went through the menopause at 44.

The One Show host, 39, recently revealed she is pregnant with her first child with husband Charlie Thomson.

She discovered she was expecting after filming the documentary Fertility And Me, which looks at conception and the issues that can come with having a baby at an older age.

Jones told ITV's This Morning that it was only when she filmed the BBC documentary that she discovered her mother went through early menopause.

She said of her mother's experience: "She told me that and I was quite shocked.

"I've always known I wanted a family."

Asked about why her mother had not told her sooner, Jones said: "She probably thought she doesn't need to know that until she thinks about [getting pregnant]. But it was quite a shock.

"I was, like many people, quite naive. Of course you know that age impacts your fertility but you don't really realise to what extent until you start looking into it."

The Carmarthenshire-born presenter added: "Nobody leaves it late on purpose... it's all a case of timing. Family was the number one priority. I didn't meet my husband until a bit later on... I thought, 'it will be fine'.

"But faced with what mum said, and with tests... it was quite stressful."

Since her appearance on the show, Jones has tweeted to say she hoped her experience would highlight the "important issue" of fertility.