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'137 missed calls in an hour': Mother speaks out following campaign of harassment from ex-partner

Stephanie Owen lives in Y Felinheli in Gwynedd. Last April, she met Christopher Boulton, who she’d worked with 10 years ago.

Around Christmas time last year, she began to notice a change in his behaviour.

Stephanie Owen ended the relationship when his behaviour began to change Credit: ITV Wales

You couldn’t ask for a nicer person, he was loving, caring, he was good with me, my mum the kids, I couldn’t fault him in any way.

– Stephanie Owen

He began to try and control her, and wanted her to spend less time with her family and more time with him alone.

Just little things, I go to my mum's three times a week and he'd say your doing too much, you need to cut it down.

– Stephanie Owen
'All I can remember is him scrambling through the window, and I just dialled 999 straight away.' Credit: ITV Wales

In the Easter holidays when she took her children on holiday, her ex-partner wasn't going to let her forget about him.

Despite her friends telling her to go the police, Stephanie held back. But weeks later he turned up at her house in a fit of rage one Saturday night.

All I can remember is him scrambling through the window, and I just dialled 999 straight away because i thought if he breaks the window he could come in.

– Stephanie Owen

In May, Boulton was jailed for two years for burglary and harassment.

Almost half of stalkers are ex-partners and now with more people being prosecuted for stalking and harassments than ever before, Stephanie hopes that by speaking out she will help other victims like her.

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