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Welsh Blood Service celebrates 70 years saving lives

Every time you give blood, you save a life. And for 70 years, more than 10 million units of blood have been donated in Wales.

Welsh Blood Service 70th anniversary Credit: ITV News

Wales Blood Service was established in 1946, but it was during the Second World War that the need for blood donations began.

Thousands came forward and gave blood to help injured servicemen and civilians.

Today, members of the emergency services and armed forces came together in Cardiff to donate and mark the 70th anniversary.

Over the years, the service has seen many changes, modern technology, testing and new processing methods.

However, what remains the same is a continuous need for people to come forward and donate blood and help save lives.

  • The first time donated blood was needed on a large scale was in 1940 for injured troops returning from the beaches of Dunkirk.
  • At the end of the war the National Blood Transfusion Service was established formally in England and Wales on 26 September 1946
  • In 1946 the only test carried out was for syphilis.
  • Until the 1970's Glass bottles and reusable needles were used to collect blood and the ear prick test was used to check iron levels before the finger prick test was introduced.

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