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Dog saves holidaymaker's leg from the sea

Gertie's quick actions saved a holidaymaker's false leg Credit: John Dooner

A German pointer from Pembrokeshire has been hailed a hero - after rescuing a holidaymaker's prosthetic leg.

When a freak wave took a woman's false leg into the waters at Freshwater Beach, the distressed holidaymaker and her husband didn't know what to do.

But fortunately, as the Tenby Observer reports, John Dooner and his dog Gertie were walking nearby.

We were approached by an elderly man who seemed distressed. His wife's prosthetic limb was already past the surf and disappearing with the ebbing tide.

So I let Gertie off the lead and threw a stone.

– John Dooner

Gertie leapt into the water and swam towards the only thing still floating - the limb.

She managed to grab it before it vanished and swim back to the shore.

Mr Dooner says the woman was "delighted" to get her leg back and very grateful to his dog.