Woman who befriended then betrayed a vulnerable pensioner jailed

A 'horrifying experience': Garbutt befriended then betrayed her victim Credit: North Wales Police

A house-bound pensioner who sent biscuits to a woman when she was ill was repaid by being robbed twice and beaten with his own walking stick.

The 74-year-old victim was robbed of £300 after being forced to tell a man and woman where he had hidden his savings.

Previously Sara Garbutt had run into his house and stolen £800 from his wallet. He was saving it to pay towards a relative's funeral. He didn't report her, hoping she would eventually pay him back.

Instead, she paid him another visit two months later. This time she came with a masked accomplice who proceeded to beat him up until he told them where his fresh savings - £300 - were kept. They also stole his mobile phone.

Today, 49-year-old Garbutt was jailed for eight-and-a-half years. The masked man who accompanied her and beat the pensioner up has never been identified.

Garbutt had got to know her victim through a mutual friend, and was said to know how vulnerable he was and had taken advantage. Once when she was unwell, out of kindness, he'd sent her some biscuits.

Her defending barrister Simon Killeen said: “Her need for class A drugs can be so powerful to provide an explanation for what otherwise would be inexplicable."