A very young Carl Edwards meets Ian Rush and John Barnes

I'll never forget the school trip dreams are made of.

It was 1991 when along with my ten year old classmates at Caersws Primary School in Powys we travelled to Liverpool for a tour of Anfield stadium.

It was exciting just to go there but by chance the team of superstar footy players turned up during our visit.

We got to meet Ian Rush, Dean Saunders and John Barnes!

It was such an incredible day I actually forgot it was filmed by a TV crew until quite recently.

So on a late shift at the ITV studios I thought I'd type some keywords into the archive just in case it was HTV cameras.

And turned out it was! I had it pulled from our vault at the National Library in Aberystwyth and watched it last week.

It took me right back to my childhood seeing all my old pals in their shell suits! My first appearance on ITV!

Watching the report I was so nostalgic especially seeing my old teachers and the wonderful Mr O'Sullivan our head who tragically passed away only a few years later.

I'll never forget him and was so happy to find the archive of him and his pupils on such a happy day.