In Focus: The rising number of rough sleepers in the Welsh capital

Daniel is one of Cardiff's rough sleepers Credit: ITV Wales

The number of people of sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff has risen sharply in just a year an investigation for In Focus has revealed.

Both official figures from the local authority and figures collected by homeless charities provide evidence of the trend.

Experts say a number of factors are to blame including chances to the benefit system, a lack of drug and alcohol services and the 'pull factor' of the city. The council says it is working with others to try and tackle the problem.

It is difficult to put a firm number of rough sleepers but homeless charity 'The Wallich' has calculated an 83% rise year on year. Cardiff Council collects weekly figures on the numbers. The same week period in September 2015 and September 2016 saw a 61% rise.

Anthony Kendall from The Wallich says there are a number of factors for the rise which are often complex.

Watch the report from Wales at Six below: