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This Welsh church's billboards have gone viral across the world

Rob Shelley meets the American pastor in Buckley whose inspiring messages have inadvertently brought him lots of attention

North Wales isn't short of landmarks - it's just that Buckley didn't expect to have one quite like this.

Two years ago, the Reverend Bob Marshall - Buckely's Florida-born pastor - decided that if billboards were good enough for blue chip companies, they were fine for his church.

So he put a board out there, meant to make people think and smile, and drawn quite a bit of attention for his church in the process.

Then came one slogan which took his fancy - and seized a lot of imaginations as well as worldwide publicity. The only thing is - we probably can't print the words here - it was all very open to all sorts of interpretation.

By then I'd gotten back what people thought, and this is not what I meant, so I changed it - I guess the Lord fixed it for me.

– Reverend Bob Marshall

The billboard's become viral - right now there's a request for Bob, the not always reverant Reverend's autograph, from Australia - people slip notes of thanks and appreciation under the chapel door.

Another of Reverend Bob Marshall's signs

The inspiration, some of it divine, some of it from Bible bumper stickers seen in the States, means that the words change on a semi regular basis: passer by Gwyn told us that it's become a bit of a cult thing as people wonder what's going to appear next.

And you can read the new slogan as a very neat bit of self-deprecation on Pastor Bob's part.

The irony is - it's one of the most watched bits of advertising in Wales... and it isn't even meant to raise anything but a smile and a bit of thought...