Anna-Louise Bates started the Believe charity to promote organ donation after losing her husband and son

The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards are less than a month away. And we've been looking for your help to choose Wales' entry for the ITV Fundraiser Award.

We've shortlisted four people who've gone above and beyond to raise money for charity.

Our third nominee is Anna-Louise Bates.

She set up her charity Believe after the deaths of her husband and son, to encourage discussion around organ donation.

Watch the report below:

Last December, her husband Stuart and son Fraser died after being hit by a car when crossing a road.

September has been the most tricky month. Elizabeth started school in the same school that Frazer went to, so that first day, which is usual joyful tears, obviously mine were joy and sad, because I should have been there dropping Frazer off for his first day in Year Three.

Anna-Louise Bates
Fraser and Stuart Bates

Amidst everything that happened that night, Anna-Louise made the decision to donate Frazer's organs.

It got us through Christmas and beyond... knowing that Fraser's organs went on to save four lives.

Anna-Louise Bates

Even with the change in the law last year, she thinks there's more work to be done.

There are so many amazing charities and things that are out there, but there's nothing to pencil in the gaps. That is what we want to do at Believe, to try and link them in, to help people if this situation ever arose.

Anna-Louise Bates
The Believe 5K event

Anna-Louise set up her charity soon after.

Within nine months, it had raised £100,000.

Everyone's been there for her. She's doing amazingly well. She has her good days, and she has really bad days. But she's amazing. She does so well every day. She's got Elizabeth there to help her along.

Michelle Rogers, friend

Anna-Louise says setting up the charity and talking about her family's experience has helped with the grieving process.

I think Elizabeth summed it up very well when we did the 5k. She said "look at this Mummy, look at all this Believe. This is what we did for Frazer and Daddy."

Anna-Louise Bates

Having the conversation about organ donation isn't always easy.

Anna-Louise wants to do what she can to make it better.