Anna-Louise Bates is Wales' Pride of Britain ITV Fundraiser of the Year

The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards are less than a month away. We've been looking for your help to choose Wales' entry for the ITV Fundraiser Award.

We shortlisted four people who've gone above and beyond to raise money for charity - and today we revealed that Anna-Louise Bates was our winner.

Watch the story below:

Anna-Louise's husband Stuart and son Fraser died last December after being hit by a car.

Fraser's organs were able to help to save the lives of four people soon after.

Anna-Louise founded the charity Believe to promote organ donation and offer more support for donors and their families.

Thank you for everybody that nominated me, and everybody that supported me, and I couldn't have done this without the support of Wales basically, so thank you.

Anna-Louise Bates

Anna-Louise will represent Wales in her category at the Pride of Britain Awards ceremony on Oct 31.