Political ripples felt by Lord Elis-Thomas resignation 'only just starting'

Quitting Plaid Cymru is only the latest in a series of twists and turns in Dafydd Elis Thomas' long and eventful political career and guessing what the next twist will be is keeping Welsh politics very busy indeed.

Many think that he will accept a rôle in the Welsh Government and his comments do nothing to dampen that speculation, although he insists he hasn't yet been offered a job by Carwyn Jones.

His main priority is, he says, to ensure that Wales has stable government with a majority in the Senedd.

Once again, Dafydd Elis-Thomas has stirred up Welsh politics. It's not yet clear what happens to Labour's agreement with Plaid Cymru, which was already looking shaky.

It's also not clear who gets to call themselves 'Official Opposition' in the Assembly. With both Plaid and the Conservatives having the same number of AMs, Tory sources say the title must now be shared or dropped altogether.

The ripples are only just starting. It's going to be absolutely fascinating when they all come back next week.