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Former Labour MP joins Plaid Cymru

A former Labour MP, who later defected to the Social Democratic Party before joining Tony Blair's new Labour, has become a member of Plaid Cymru.

David Marquand was a Nottinghamshire MP in the 1960s and 70s but now lives near Cardiff, where he was born in 1934.

David Marquand and Bethan Jenkins AM Credit: ITV News

He told a fringe meeting at the Plaid Conference that he'd "been in more parties than the Prince of Wales".

He was speaking in favour of what he called a "progressive alliance" on the left of politics.

The alternative is collective suicide.

We're not in a good place now.

I really shudder for my country if Theresa May is going to come back with a really crushing majority.

Let's persuade all the progressive parties to come together in an alliance where they stand down in a seat where another party has a better chance of winning.


Sat next to him was Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins who said the party had taken no decisions.

Although she welcomed discussing the idea of an alliance, she argued that co-operation with Labour was difficult when Labour MPs hadn't even joined Plaid Cymru in voting for the Welsh Government's proposals to strengthen the powers of the Assembly.

Her fellow Plaid AM Adam Price sounded more positive about the idea, arguing that extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures.

Everything that we hold dear could be at risk, everything from the NHS to devolution itself. Working between political parties goes against the grain but I am honoured to put my name next to the idea of a progressive alliance.


In the Conference itself, Labour came under attack over the Welsh Government's refusal to back Plaid Cymru's call for Britain to remain in the European Single Market.

Plaid AM Rhun ap Iorwerth said the Welsh Government had to "commit more energy to fighting Wales' corner".

It’s time that London and the Westminster Government heard another Welsh voice – a united voice – uniting those who voted to leave as well as those that voted to remain in June’s referendum - a voice saying to the UK Government 'deliver an exit that works for Wales as well as it possibly can'.

Yes, Wales voted to leave [the European Union] but I don’t think Wales wants to take leave of its senses when it comes to our economic future.

– PLAID CYMRU AM Rhun ap Iorwerth

Plaid MP Hywel Williams directed his fire on the Conservatives at Westminster.

The Tories are forever talking about patriotism and British values but there is nothing patriotic about the way they are behaving.

Despite all their fine words, it is unpatriotic for the Tories to undermine jobs, economic growth and the future life chances of the people of these islands through their xenophobic rhetoric and their obsessional pursuit of a ‘hard Brexit’.


The conference will conclude tomorrow after Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood gives a keynote speech that's expected to stress her party's willingness to work with Labour in the Assembly, with or without a formal coalition.

She will also amplify Plaid's a message about what it sees as threat to Wales from a hard Brexit.