Wales This Week: The Paedophile Police Chief

Last week former police superintendent Gordon Anglesea was found guilty of indecently assaulting two teenage boys in the 1980s.

Tonight, in a specially extended Wales This Week, journalist David Williams looks back at the case which has spanned 25 years.

He also reveals details of a fresh investigation by the National Crime Agency into matters relating to a major public inquiry into care homes in the 1990s.

The prosecution of Anglesea came out of the NCA’s Operation Pallial investigation into historical child abuse at children’s homes in north Wales. The conviction of Gordon Anglesea is the Operation’s most high profile case to date.

The allegations against the former police officer date back to a time when he was in charge of a Home Office attendance centre for young offenders in Wrexham. During interviews with the NCA, Anglesea vehemently denied any sexually inappropriate behaviour. But the jury believed testimony from one victim who claimed he’d been abused by Anglesea in the changing rooms there and another who said he had been abused in a house in Mold.

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National Crime Agency Deputy Director Roy McComb is responsible for special investigations like Operation Pallial. Credit: ITV News

NCA deputy director Roy McComb, the man responsible for specialist investigations, told Wales This Week Anglesea’s behaviour was ‘reprehensible.’

When you join law enforcement, you have a sworn duty to protect the public. You have an even deeper duty to protect the most vulnerable in society and Anglesea has abused that trust and misused it. And at the point that he was supposed to be protecting young, vulnerable men, he has used that opportunity to abuse them and that is reprehensible.

Roy McComb, Deputy Director National Crime Agency

The offences took place at a time a time when abuse of young people was not so much in the public eye. Jury members in his trial were told, Anglesea chose his victims knew he was safe, knowing they were less likely to be believed or make a complaint.

The conviction of Gordon Anglesea is part of a much wider story of child abuse in north Wales. Offences were being committed in care homes in both the public and private sector.

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