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Wales has first woman bishop

The Church in Wales has elected its first woman bishop.

Canon Joanna Penberthy was elected as the 129th Bishop of St Davids having secured the necessary two-thirds majority vote from members of the Electoral College which has been meeting behind locked doors at St Davids Cathedral since Tuesday morning.

Credit: Church in Wales

This is an historic moment for the Church in Wales as it hasn’t been possible to elect a woman bishop until now.

But what is really important to stress is that Joanna wasn’t elected because she was a woman but because she was deemed to be the best person to be a bishop.

She has considerable gifts – she is an excellent preacher and communicator, can relate to all sections of the community, is a warm, charismatic, caring priest and someone who is full of joy.

– Barry Morgan, Archbishop

I am immensely humbled and honoured at the trust that has been placed in me.

I am very much looking forward to returning to St Davids and serving God's people as their Bishop.

– Canon Jo Penberthy

Canon Jo will be Bishop Elect until the appointment is formally confirmed by the Archbishop at a Sacred Synod service on November 30.

She will then be consecrated as a bishop at Llandaff Cathedral – the seat of the current Archbishop of Wales - on January 21 and enthroned in St Davids Cathedral on February 11.