Teenagers locked up for violent daytime attack on two women

Two teenagers have been locked up today after a court heard how they attacked two drunken women in their 40s in broad daylight – at a Mold town centre recreation field.

One victim put her arm out to defend her friend’s face from a knife attack – and the blade cut through the tendons, down to the bone, in her arm.

The slicing wound stretched from the wrist to the elbow and she needed 177 stitches during a two-and-half-hour operation.

The friend was repeatedly kicked to the face and suffered a double jaw fracture and a lost tooth.

She needed surgery and plates, screws and wire were used to fix the jaw.

Callum McLavey. Credit: North Wales Police

At Mold Crown Court today defendant Rhys Nze of Canning Street in Liverpool, received a sentence of three years and four months detention in a young offenders’ institution.

He admitted wounding Louise Parry-Jones with intent to do her grievous bodily harm, following the stabbing incident.

Co-defendant Callum McLavey, 18, of Fletcher Street in Rockferry, received a 14 month sentence after he admitted Grevious Bodily Harm on Shelly Waters, who suffered the fractured jaw.

A judge told them that it was not pre-meditated. They were not looking for trouble but trouble found them.

Both had admitted serious offences of violence upon females in a public place, which caused significant injuries.

Judge Parry said that in Nze’s case it could have resulted “in someone being killed” after he produced the knife.

Both had travelled from the Liverpool area to North Wales on May 23 “intent on no good” when they were approached by two extremely drunken women.

“I accept that their irrational behaviour would have taken you by surprise,” he said.

That included one of them grabbing McLavey around the neck and squeezing it while both were seated.

Nze jumped up and despite his victim’s efforts to assure him that she was only play acting, he pushed her with such force that she was knocked her to the floor.

“You then produced a knife in a slicing motion towards her,” he said.

The second victim intervened and put her own arm up in front of her friend – and the knife cut her arm between the wrist and the elbow – to the bone.

McLavey’s reaction was to run up and kick the first woman to the head while she was defenceless on the ground.

She was knocked unconscious and they both ran away.

It was witnessed by others in the park and people living nearby who called the police.