Welsh fans issue warning to others after Justin Bieber gig tickets never arrived

Two Carmarthen students have urged the public to be wary when booking tickets for concerts online after tickets they bought to see Justin Bieber never materialised.

Trinity St David University students Jordan Ellis and Rhys Jenkins paid £210 to watch Justin Bieber and travelled all the way to Birmingham to collect the tickets on the day of the concert.

But they returned empty handed.

The friends are on a long list of unhappy customers, let down by ticketing website Ticket-Selection.com.

Speaking to S4C's current affairs programme Hacio, the pair urged others to be careful when buying tickets online.

"We bought them from TicketSelection because TicketMaster was sold out", said 22-year-old Jordan.

"We had the ticket confirmation and it said the tickets would be sent out seven days before the night (of the concert)."

Credit: PA Archive

The pair said they were excited to see one of the world's biggest artists but with just days to go before the concert they were still waiting for the tickets, and only after several e-mails to TicketSelection did they receive a reply saying they would need to collect the tickets on the day.

At around 4pm on the day of the concert, Jordan received a call telling them to pick up the tickets from a diner near the Barclaycard Arena, where Bieber was due to be performing.

"We were so happy." Said 20-year-old Rhys. "We drove all the way to Birmingham, listening to Justin Bieber songs in the car and singing flat out."

But when they arrived at the diner and asked a member of staff if anybody from TicketSelection was there, they were told several other groups had turned up asking the same thing, with no sign of a representative from the company.

Jordan and Rhys spent a further hour desperately trying to get in touch with the person they were meant to meet, to no avail and eventually got back in the car and began the long journey back to Carmarthen.

Jordan has since contacted the company asking for an explanation and a refund, but has had no response and no refund for the tickets he had bought, but never received.

Hacio's investigation has found they were certainly not the only angry TicketSelection customers. Many others have told the programme they too have been left without tickets or feeling frustrated due to poor customer service.

When Hacio contacted the website for a response, a spokesperson for TicketSelection said: "We would not comment on individual cases but would encourage anyone who has not received tickets to contact us so we can resolve."

But Rhys has warned the public to learn from their experiences and be very wary when booking online in future.

To see the full investigation watch Hacio, available with English subtitles, on S4C at 10pm on Thursday.