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Businessman considered poisoning escort lover, court hears

A millionaire property developer accused of murdering his escort lover planned to poison her with anti-freeze because of her cocaine habit, a court heard today.

25-year-old Georgina Symonds was killed in January Credit: Wales News Service

54-year-old Peter Morgan wanted to spike 25-year-old Georgina Symonds' drink so she would be confronted by doctors about her drug use.

Today jurors heard Mr Morgan was concerned about Miss Symonds' substance abuse and suicide threats.

A psychiatrist told the court how Mr Morgan had told him he was looking for ways to get her to see doctors, and thought about poisoning her.

He was concerned about her. He wanted to engineer a situation where he could gain back control.

He told me he did think about giving her antifreeze over Christmas so she would go to hospital and doctors could help her with her drug problem.

– Dr Phillip Joseph, Consultant forensic psychiatrist

The trial previously heard Mr Morgan was paying Miss Symonds £10,000 a month after she gave up escort work, whilst maintaining a relationship with his wife.

Newport Crown Court has heard how Morgan strangled Georgina with a twine ligature after hearing that she planned to leave him.

He killed her at her home in his castle grounds in Llanmartin, Gwent, before wrapping the body in plastic and duct tape and hiding it in farm buildings behind his family home.

Mr Morgan of Llanellen, near Abergavenny, denies murder saying he was suffering from diminished responsibility. The trial continues.

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