Archbishop of Canterbury backs Welsh MP's campaign to scrap child funeral costs

The Archbishop of Canterbury has backed Swansea East MP Carolyn Harris in her campaign to scrap costs for child funerals.

A spokeswoman for Dr Justin Welby, whose seven-month-old daughter died in the early 1980s, told the Sunday Mirror that the Archbishop "firmly agrees that local authorities should not charge for children’s funerals".

Carolyn Harris has described the Archbishop's backing as "very good news".

The MP broke down in tears in the Commons last month when she spoke of her own experience of not being able to pay for the funeral of her eight-year old son.

Carolyn Harris has spoken of her own experience as a grieving mum Credit: ITV News

She's calling for an end to what she calls a 'postcode lottery' whereby some local councils will pay the costs and others charge grieving parents.

Theresa May paid tribute to Ms Harris but said the issue of costs was a matter for local authorities.