A millionaire property developer accused of murdering his escort lover told a jury how the call girl boasted about blackmailing previous clients out of thousands of pounds.

Peter Morgan, 54, strangled former dancer Georgina Symonds, 25, after claiming she threatened to release photos of him having sex with prostitutes.

The businessman told a murder trial jury how Georgina boasted about "fleecing" her wealthy customers by blackmailing them with sensitive details about their private lives.

Morgan told the court from the witness box: "She told me she'd profited from a few relationships with clients.

"One of them was from Cheltenham. She said she fleeced him out of his life savings, and his son had a bit of a shock when he died because there was no money left for him to inherit.

"She called him 'Lovely Alan', and he was quite an old guy.

"I think she said he had about £70,000 in life savings."

Peter Morgan denies murder at the trial at Newport Crown Court. Credit: ITV News

Morgan told the court Georgina had talked about other clients she called "Pete" and "Nice John" who she said she'd "profited" from.

Morgan said Georgina told him about her plans to blackmail another client, who wasn't named in court, out of £2,000 a month.

Morgan said: "She said she intended to demand payments of £2,000 a month. He had been a client of hers, but I don't think she'd seen him for some time.

"It wasn't to do with photos, but she knew a lot of information about him."

The court previously heard Morgan claims that Georgina had blackmailed him with releasing explicit photos of him to his wife and two teenage daughters if he didn't transfer her money and sign over a bungalow he was letting her stay in rent free to her name.

Newport Crown Court has heard how Morgan strangled Georgina with a twine ligature after hearing that she planned to leave him - and he overheard a converastion where she planned to "fleece him" for his money.

He killed her at her home in his castle grounds in Llanmartin, Gwent, before wrapping the body in plastic and duct tape and hiding it in farm buildings behind his family home.

But he confessed to police that he killed her when she was reported missing.

Morgan of Llanellen, near Abergavenny, denies murder saying he was suffering from diminished responsibility and had Asperger's syndrome.

The trial at Newport Crown Court continues.