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Welsh actor and Save the Children ambassador Luke Evans has travelled to India, to see first-hand how the money raised by campaigns like 'Christmas Jumper Day' can support people.

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The 37-year-old, from Pontypool, visited one of the most vulnerable slum communities in Mumbai - known as the biggest dumping ground in Asia.

India has the largest population of people living in poverty in the world, and almost 18 million children there do not receive an education - the highest number in the world.

It's thought most children drop out of school because they need to earn money for their family, and often those who are fortunate enough to be enrolled in school cannot read or write properly.

This bus is taken into communities to give children the opportunity to access an education Credit: Souvid Datta / Save The Children

Campaigns like Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day help fund projects like this Mobile Learning Centre - a bus which has been transformed into a classroom.

The bus is taken into slum communities to give children the chance to access education, making sure any child who has fallen behind is given the opportunity to get back to speed.

Raja moved to Mumbai when he was 11 years old Credit: Souvid Datta / Save The Children

Among the children Luke met was Raja, who is 14 years old.

When Raja moved to Mumbai three years ago aged 11, he was forced to work in a local clothing factory to supplement his family income.

He had to work very long hours so was unable to attend school.

Save the Children intervened and persuaded Raja’s parents to send him to school and thanks to the Mobile Learning Centre, he was able to catch up on his education.

Raja now attends school regularly and dreams of becoming a scientist.

India has the largest population of people living in poverty in the world Credit: Souvid Datta / Save The Children

Luke, whose Hollywood blockbusters include The Hobbit, The Girl on the Train and the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast film is encouraging the public to sign up to Christmas Jumper Day.