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Archbishop of Wales' Christmas message: "Build bridges not walls"

Credit: Church in Wales

The Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan has given his Christmas message for this year and says that we need to "build bridges, not walls."

It will be the Archbishop's last Christmas message before he retires next month.

In his message, Dr Barry Morgan says that 2016 has been an "extraordinary" year in which events such as civil war in Syria, the growing refugee crisis, the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump show we live in a "brutal, bloody, divided, torn world that seems at time to be out of control and unpredictable."

In countries such as Britain and America, there is bitterness in the air, about Brexit in the one case and about a president who has come to power despite his appalling remarks about women, people of other faiths, and Mexicans.

The Pope came close to saying that Mr Trump could not be a real Christian since Christians were people who built bridges, not walls.

But the fact is that in spite of all the outrageous revelations about him, Donald Trump was still elected.

What does that say about those who voted for him in a country where most people still claim to be religious?

Yet the Pope is quite right - Christians ought to build bridges, not walls, if any light is to shine at all in our world.

– Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales
Credit: PA Images / ITN

The Archbishop of Wales will be retiring next month after nearly 14 years at the helm of the Church in Wales and 24 years as a bishop.

Dr Barry Morgan will retire on his 70th birthday at the end of January 2017. He will also retire as Bishop of Llandaff and will continue his work and engagements in both roles as normal until then.

Watch the Archbishop of Wales' Christmas message: