Fifa's Council has voted unanimously in favour of expanding the World Cup to 48 teams from 2026.

The plan was put forward by FIFA president Gianni Infantino in the hope of revamping the competition and delegates in Zurich have fully backed the plans.

Delegates at FIFA's congress in Zurich were asked to vote on a number of options including sticking with the current format of 32 teams or upping the number of participants in various ways to 48.

The new format will see the 48 teams split into 16 groups of three in the initial stages of the finals before a know-out round of 32 which will increase the number of games at the tournament from 64 to 80.

The competition will however stay at 32 days in length.

It is also possible that all drawn games will be decided by a penalty shoot-out in order to stop the likelihood of games being played out for favourable results.

It is still to be decided how the 16 extra slots will be allocated around the world to the six confederations of the sport.

The Football Association of Wales have declined to comment on the proposals that could improve their chances of reaching future tournaments.