Wales household food waste levels lowest in the UK

Credit: PA

Household food waste levels in Wales are lower than anywhere else in the UK.

A report, by recycling charity WRAP, shows a decrease of 12% in the amount of waste in Wales - just over 9kg per person, per year.

Overall food waste reduced by 24,000 tonnes between 2009 and 2015, equivalent to around £70 million a year worth of food not ending up as waste.

However, in 2015, Wales still threw away more than 300,000 tonnes of household food waste.

WRAP say the levels of waste in Wales are 'significantly lower' than the rest of the UK - around 9%.

The charity suggest that levels are so low here because Wales has lower income levels than the rest of the UK, has 'more widespread and better use' of separate food waste collections, and has different approaches to reducing food waste than other areas of the UK. They also say it could be a combination of these.