Divisions in Assembly on Wales Bill vote

AMs fear that they're being offered powers with strings attached

Following last night's decision by Labour AMs to back the Wales Bill in today's Assembly vote, other parties have been explaining their positions. With 28 Labour votes (excluding the Deputy Presiding Officer, Ann Jones), a majority of the 60 AMs is certain because the 11 Conservatives will back the UK government's bill.

UKIP AMs will oppose the bill because it removes the requirement for a referendum before the Assembly gains income tax powers. Plaid Cymru will also vote against. One of the party's leading AMs, Adam Price, explained why he was urging his colleagues to oppose the bill.

The Assembly's right to rename itself a parliament is one of the powers unambiguously given to Cardiff Bay by the Wales Bill. The main concern of Plaid Cymru -and many in Labour who've agreed to swallow their doubts- is that because law and justice won't be devolved, the Assembly's ability to legislate will be curtailed.