Llanelli mum Nicola White is desperately campaigning to fund proton beam therapy

A Llanelli mum who has battled cancer since she was a teenager says she's hoping to prolong her life with a relatively new form of radiotherapy.

Nicola White wants to travel abroad for proton beam therapy, which is not yet widely available in the UK.

I can't imagine leaving my children behind. It's heartbreaking, the thought of them not having me, or...me being around for them. I know they'd be OK, but I need to be there, I need to see them.

Nicola White
Credit: ITV News

Nicola's loved ones have since launched a fundraising campaign to try to help raise the money for her treatment.

Because it's [the cancer's] come back a few times, I'm obviously limited with my options, because I've had chemotherapy twice now. They've basically said that I've got two years if I didn't do anything at this point. This is where we've looking into having proton therapy.

Nicola White

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