We must avoid 'disastrous' hard Brexit say AMs

Wales is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of a "hard Brexit", an Assembly report has warned. It points out that manufacturing and agriculture are much more important to the Welsh economy than to the UK as a whole.

AMs on the Assembly's external affairs committee say much depends on securing a new deal on trade with the EU after Brexit, with transitional arrangements to cover any period between leaving the European Union and establishing a new relationship with it.

The vast majority of the evidence we received showed that ensuring free trade with the Single Market, with no tariffs and no non-tariff barriers, is of crucial importance to the Welsh economy. Even a relatively short period of time spent trading on World Trade Organisation rules will damage our manufacturing and agricultural sectors. This could be disastrous for the Welsh economy. Transitional arrangements must be an important consideration in the negotiations.

External Affairs Committee Chair David Rees AM

The report also calls for the Welsh Government to have a direct role in developing the UK's negotiating position whenever it affects devolved matters.