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Former Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens told MPs she cannot support leaving the EU

Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens resigned from the shadow cabinet over the Article 50 vote. Credit: Parliament TV

Former Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens has told MPs that leaving the EU would be a 'terrible mistake' and while she accepts the referendum result, she cannot endorse it.

Delivering a speech during he House of Commons debate over Brexit, the Cardiff Central MP said that since the vote in June some of her constituents have been spat at and verbally abused.

Ms Stevens stood down from the Labour shadow cabinet last week stating that she believed leaving the EU was a 'terrible mistake' and she reiterated that stance in parliament today.

I accept the referendum result is to leave. But I do not agree with it. And I certainly do not have to be silent in representing my constituents’ views.

Just like I accept that at the last general election, the benches opposite won a majority, but I do not have to agree with every policy the government seeks to implement.

And neither will I be silent about that.

I also accept that the parliamentary numbers are such that Article 50 will be triggered and Britain will leave the EU. But I believe and I will continue to believe that leaving the EU is a terrible mistake and I cannot reconcile my overwhelming belief that to endorse the step that will make exit inevitable, is wrong.

I cannot endorse it, particularly when there have been no guarantees before triggering Article 50 about protecting single market access, employment, environmental and consumer rights, security and judicial safeguards and the residency rights of many of my constituents. And no guarantees for the people of Wales, never mind a seat at the negotiating table.

– Jo Stevens MP, Labour, Cardiff Central

You can watch her speech in full on the Parliament TV site.

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